Smoking is a nasty habit, and although converting from analog cigarettes to e-vape has improved my respiratory health to return to all my aerobic activities, I still didn't like being so dependent on nicotine as a relief of stress and anxiety. After seeing all the good reviews on yelp, I decided to see Dr. Robert for the first time about a month for smoking cessation treatment. Honestly, I did not know what to expect, but I was frustrated, after many failed attempts of trying to quit on my own volition. When you first walk into the office, it is probably the coolest waiting room ever. There's tea, candy, essential oils, a golf putter set, and probably so much more I can't even recall, but I have never waited more than 5 mins in the waiting room. Dr. Robert is the perfect combination of being a medical professional with a personable attitude. He provides such a warming atmosphere, you forget to realize he is sticking all these needles in you. The big comfy chairs are a huge plus! After the first treatment, I smoked my vape out of habit only to find out that it tasted different, in a bad way. I had my local vape shop check it out, and rebuild it, only to find out that it wasn't the vape, it was the acupuncture that made it taste weird. After the first week, I went from smoking 1 15ml ejuice bottle at 6mg nicotine a day (so 7 a week) to smoking 1 15ml bottle/6mg nicotine ejuice a week. Anyone who vapes understand this is a huge deal. Not to mention I went from spending $84 dollars a week to only $12 a week. After a month, now, I can't even finish a quick smoking session because I can only notice the negative side effects of vaping. (instant headache, lack of focus, gross taste) Although, my progress has not been exactly linear, due to unexpected life stressors, I have definitely noticed smoking no longer provides me the benefits of stress/anxiety relief that it once did. Because of this, I have been using exercise as my primary source of stress relief. I exercise religiously, 7 days a week now, whether it be strength training, muscular endurance training, long-distance runs, sprint-jog intervals, I have never been so fit in my life and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Robert's treatments have been the essential link needed in order to successfully quit smoking. I couldn't be more pleased with my progress! oh p.s. Dr. Robert always has a good story to tell and has a great sense of humor to make me laugh my head off, every appointment :)
Lizzi H.
I have had multiple sessions with Robert over the last 4 months. At the beginning of each session he makes sure he understands what areas need to be treated. He has done an Excellent Job!!!...Increasing my energy levels, releasing my stress and anxiety. His sessions are very refreshing and brought calm and peace into my life. Sleeping very good after his sessions for weeks. Thanks Robert!
Norma M.
Before meeting Dr. Pontecorvo, I was very skeptical about acupuncture and Eastern Medicine. I've received several treatments this year for a number of health issues, including poor sleep and digestive issues. After the very first treatment, I felt immediate relief. Initially, I was afraid that the needles may hurt. If I had to quantify it, only 2 out of 100 needles caused a slight pinch. Then, after a minute or two, it went away. During the sessions themselves, I feel sensations that come over parts of my body differently. I think it depends on what is being treated. Most of the time, it feels like I am falling asleep. Half of the time, I do take a nice nap. Sometimes, I feel waves of chills or of warmth from my head down to my toes or from my toes up towards my head. They could run through one or both arms. Sometimes the cool and warm sensations occur simultaneously. It is a nice feeling. It is a light, tingling, or floating feeling at times. I can't go into too much detail. I think everyone could feel different sensations. The best part is that I have been feeling better with my sleep, more energy, and having regularity than I have felt in a very long time. I have a high stress lifestyle due to my work life, poor diet, driving a lot, being away from family, and just having a type A or blue personality. A side effect that I appreciated was not needing my allergy medication for four months after my first week of treatments (none of which have been for allergies). I have been taking prescription or OTC allergy meds daily for the past 2 years (seasonally for the past 6 years). My treatments from Dr. P. have helped me reduce overall stress and improve my eating habits. I highly recommend him. Dr. Robert Pontecorvo is a wonderful person with a caring soul. He has a wealth of health knowledge to help you understand the biological processes needing attention, to encourage improving your overall well-being and nutrition, and, of course, to recommend the best course of treatment personalized for you. I often wish I lived in CA, so that I can be treated more often and more regularly. I live in Tennessee and visit family in CA on occasion. Each visit, I make it point to come to San Diego to see Dr. P for at least one treatment.
Arlynn A.
Robert is a natural born healer. He has been treating me for a few years now and the results have been remarkable. I see him for several ailments, pretty much anything that causes me discomfort: lower and upper back pain, neck pain, menstrual issues, joint pain, stress and nerve issues (numbness). Recently, Robert has been treating me for numbness in both hands and one foot. I no longer have the severe pain and the numbness in my hands is gone! I rarely suffer from migraines and no longer have to rely on pain meds and nueroinhibitors for the pain. Not only has he helped me with my pain, but has been my nutritionist and physical therapist too! Guiding me with healthier food choices and giving me simple exercises to help strengthen my muscles. He is definitely my "go to guy" for all of my health concerns. I strongly recommend Robert to all my friends and family. In fact my mom (70 years young) has been seeing him for almost a year now and she thinks very highly of him too!
Michelle S.
By far Robert is the most dedicated and committed practitioner that has treated me. He is amazing when it comes to his treatment and herbal prescriptions. I was interested in getting treatments for my scoliosis; For years, I had tried physical therapy and even medication to help relieve the pain but saw no results. My doctor had suggested that I get corrective surgery to lessen the pain but I didn't want to go through a procedure with a 50/50 chance of feeling pain free or more pain. After a treatment with him I was amazed at the movability and the relief, I was able to sleep, sit, walk, and run without the discomfort of my back pain. I felt so much relief from the first treatment that I continued to go regularly and follow the stretches/information he had directed me to do. Little by little my back pain got better. I've been receiving treatments from Robert for almost 3 years now; I've seen him for maintenance back pain, stress, menstrual, and even sleep problems. Each time with amazing results. I always leave his office feeling relaxed and very satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Edith H.