Hozho Health and Wellness participates with many insurance companies as well as those with HMO insurance going through American Specialty Health (ASH). We are proud providers to America's Veterans by being participants to the VA to help with our proud men and women who have served this country and have various ailments. We ask that military and former military ask their military health care provider for a referral to our facility in order for their treatment to be covered. Patients using Kaiser Permanente must have a referral prior to treatment as well. We will call to verify your insurance coverage and contact you within 24 hours in most cases. So go ahead and  click on the “Book Now”  to check our schedule in real time for availability or to book your first appointment.

Here are a few of our most commonly used insurances in the clinic:

Kaiser, American Specialty Health (ASH, most HMO), Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, VEBA, Cigna, Multiplan, HealthNet, United Healthcare, Department of Labor, Optum Health, Pacificare, Coventry, Corvel, Berkshire, WellComp, York, County of San Diego Work Comp, City of San Diego Work Comp

We do require that if you are scheduling online that you provide a copy of your insurance card to our email at hozhohealthandwellness@gmail.com at least 24-48 hours prior to your appointment. This will allow us time to verify your coverage and become aware of techniques we provide that may require a cash pay discount. We do provide you with a copy of what we learn of your coverage if requested.

Do you Accept Workers Compensation?

California Labor Code Section 4600 specifically mandates that employers must provide injured workers with appropriate treatment including acupuncture, if needed, according to ACOEM guidelines. Let us do the work for you, we are on most MPN’s and will be happy to contact your primary treating physician or workers compensation insurance adjuster for pre-authorization to start acupuncture treatment ASAP.

Coventry Health Care

Department of Labor

What to Expect

Hozho Health and Wellness upholds the long term clinical experience of its founder by providing a full patient intake as you would experience at a regular medical clinic. This includes patient intake, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and temperature. Evaluations vary based on patient health and needs which may require range of motion, strength and alignment observations as well as auscultation of lungs and abdomen (if needed).

It is our desire to make your visit as comforting as possible while obtaining as much information needed to make an appropriate diagnosis of your condition.

During acupuncture many patients indicate that they feel a sensation of a “sting” or “pinch” followed by a dull ache. This often goes away momentarily after insertion of the needle, if there is any discomfort please inform your practitioner. While the acupuncture needles are in, many patients have indicated that they have a sinking into the table sensation followed by a feeling of being very tired this is normal as your body is balancing your stress receptors and natural pain relieving neurochemicals that help restore the body to a healthier state.

Many patients have been found sleeping during their treatment, which is perfectly normal and a great way to help your body and mind reset before returning to your day.

If provided cupping to a patient you will feel a “sucking” sensation over portions of your body that mimics a deep massage. As seen in recent sporting events including the olympics and periodically witnessed on celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or Angelina Jolie there is often the purple circles on a patients back. This is normal in some patients and the duration of time this mark remains is between hours to a few days. We recommend you to be honest with your acupuncturist if you are not wanting this form of treatment or have a formal event to attend to within days of your visit.

We do recommend that you not go into the ocean, wear open backed clothing or expose your affected area to the environment for at least 24-48 hours after treatment.

This treatment as well as Tui Na can be done individually without Acupuncture for those that are not ready for an Acupuncture treatment.

Tui Na:

Although many patients have stated that Tui Na seems like Chiropractic work we want to make very clear that we are not performing any Chiropractic maneuvers or high velocity movements. We are stretching, moving and stimulating muscles to help increase range of motion and reduce pain. This treatment as well as Cupping can be done instead of Acupuncture if the patient is not ready for Acupuncture at this time.

What is the difference between Acupuncture and Dry Needling?

To be an acupuncturist you must attend an accredited school requiring a Masters Degree often seen as (MSTOM, MTOM, etc.) and including 3200-5600 hours of education and 1500-2000 hours of clinical experience prior to sitting for the State licensing exam. Dry Needling is typically moderate amount of hours in a classroom setting without the hands on training totaling less than 60  hours at most. That aside, Dry Needling uses many of the principles as Acupuncture however; the needles are left in for less amount of time without the effect to treat pain. A properly trained Acupuncturist who deals with Pain Managment and Orthopedics, like the staff at Hozho Health and Wellness and Healing Arts Heath Center, inserts needles into the same trigger points releasing acetylcholine and calcium from a muscle, some of these principles are based on Dr. Janet Travell's trigger point therapy and myofacial release guidelines. This releases a spasm or can also stimulate an action in the muscle if it is weak. Acupuncture however; also works very strong with the neurotransmitters to help reduce your stress responses, pain and encourage the body relax.

Are you covered with Insurances?

We accept many insurances including treating retired military from the VA (with referral). The only two insurance groups we do not accept at this time are Medicare and Medical and the only two insurance groups that require a referral are some Kaiser and VA patients. We are also packaged with many worker's compensation insurances and encourage many employers to send their patients to us to prevent injuries which in turn will keep their insurance premiums down.  

Do you give corporate discounts instead of using insurance?

If you are a company or coropration we are more than happy to discuss terms and pricing with you in order for you to  better reward your staff with good health and preventive illnesses. You can call the clinic to schedule a time where we can do a health fair or facility visit.

My doctor says that Acupuncture doesn't work, so why should I go?

Many people have opinions usually set by one bad experience or a bad representative. Like all forms of healthcare you have people who are very proficient in their work and others who are not. Some patients will see an Acupuncturist who specializes in reproductive health for their low back pain and argue that they didn't get much relief. This would be similar to going to your gynecologist and wanting to get them to do a knee replacement. Everyone is trained a little differently in patient care, medicine isn't a one size fits all method which is why proper explanation and review of a practitioner is important. Also, the Journal of American Medical Association, a periodical for Western Medical professionals has stated that a study performed on chronic pain shows acupuncture is 95% effective in reducing pain and worth referral from your primary care provider.  Here is a link to that article: http://archinte.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1357513Will the herbs or supplements interfere with my medications?

Our practice focuses on working synergistically with your current care and only seek methods to help improve your condition, this includes our supplements and herbal formulas. In fact, many of the items patients take, such as Echinacea, can have the opposite effect on a patient if taking steroids or immunosuppressants. We evaluate our herbal drug interactions before we hand select a formula for you. Please be advised that it is your responsibility to completely answer our questions when asked what medications you are taking, this includes supplements, over the counter medications and prescribed medications.

What days are you available?

We are a seven day a week clinic combining the intellect of Robert R. Pontecorvo Jr. and Shaheed Abdullah, that is nearly 50 years of combined medical experience in patient care. We are a combined group, Hozho Health and Wellness and Healing Arts Health Center located in the same facility with the same insurance coverage and education. Individually we have been highly rated for the treatment of patients who have been unable to improve from various other care, combined we serve a stronger team to keep San Diegans in better health. Hozho Health and Wellness is primarily open every Wednesday: 10-7:30, Friday: 9-7:30, and Sunday 8:30-2:30.

Why are your work hours so minimal?

Currently Hozho Health and Wellness and Healing Arts Health Center are in the same office which allows us to collaborate and provide seven day a week service. I am also a professor for Medical Assistant and Nursing students for Southwestern College as my background prior to acupuncture is in healthcare. This currently takes my time from Monday through Thursday for helping future medical professionals as well as keeping me updated on any and all changes in healthcare prior to these changes taking effect. Our plan is to expand into another facility in the near future.