Robert R. Pontecorvo Jr. Lac.

A Provider specializing in health problems such as: Orthopedic injuries, Chronic pain and Illnesses, Stroke Recovery, Autoimmune disorders, and Menstrual Disorders.

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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is based on an ancient and empirical system of medicine which stimulates your neurological and endocrine system to help manage pain, balance hormones and create clarity in the mind from stress, PTSD, insomnia, PMS, Inflammatory disorders, and Pain.

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what can i expect?

Needles are sterile, generally cause  little to no pain upon entry or removal. Your natural response may provide you with clearer focus, better sleep, a brief sedate feeling while in the treatment room and a chance to relax in a medical setting.

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A True Integrative Clinic

"Quality Healthcare must be sustainable and tailor made..." - Dr. Dean Ornish

We at Hozho Health and Wellness make sure that each patient is treated individually, as each patient has different needs and obstacles to getting better. We integrate all methods given to us by the State of California to give each patient the best healthcare backed by the most current research.

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What they Say?

"I came in for a treatment in the hopes to get rid of my headaches and neck pain. Robert was very kind and provided me with the care I needed. He also did some cupping and light neck stretches along with the acupuncture treatment. My pain has been reduced and my headaches are little to none. I'm very thankful for his services and recommend him to anyone. "

Bertha S.


What they Say?

I have been treated for neck pain, headaches and a variety of other aches and pains and have always found relief with the treatments. The acupuncturist, Robert is really knowledgeable with both Eastern and Western medicine. I especially love that I almost always fall asleep and get a nice nap during the treatments!

Lauren S.


What they Say?

Recently, Robert has been treating me for numbness in both hands and one foot. I no longer have the severe pain and the numbness in my hands is gone! I rarely suffer from migraines and no longer have to rely on pain meds and nueroinhibitors for the pain.

Michelle S.


What they Say?

Dr. Robert Pontecorvo is a wonderful person with a caring soul. He has a wealth of health knowledge to help you understand the biological processes needing attention, to encourage improving your overall well-being and nutrition, and, of course, to recommend the best course of treatment personalized for you.

Arylynn A.


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